Top 10: Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

gfWhen it comes to relationships, most guys work too hard at trying to keep themselves happy rather than their girlfriends. There are certain elements of dating that guys should never overlook. Being a good boyfriend is a lot of work, but what it all boils down to is appreciating your woman and making her feel good about herself. With that, here are 10 steps to keeping the lady in your life happy:


1. Listen to her

Most men don’t realize that a woman’s idea of communication means actually listening to what she has to say and understanding her as well as relating to her problems without judging her or providing unwanted advice. Listen and understand your girlfriend’s deep inward emotion and spirit.

2. Always make her feel beautiful
Don’t just tell her you think she’s beautiful, or she’ll stop believing you. You need to continually show her that you think she is beautiful with your actions. Buy her sexy clothes, take her dancing and ignore everybody else, woo her with sweet gestures and brag about her to others. Do whatever you can do show her that she’s the most gorgeous creature you’ve ever laid eyes on.

3. Know how to please her in bed
A good boyfriend must satisfy his woman’s every romantic need not by making love just for the sake of it, but by being passionate about it. Show your partner the emotional intimacy she craves. Communicate with her on every level and anticipate her desires and needs.

Image result for Top 10: Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy4. Make her feel important
You have to understand that she’s an equal part of the relationship, so appreciate her company and remember what is important to her. Look her in the eye and tell her what she means to you. Point out all the ways she is different from your past girlfriends and let her know there can be no substitute for her.

5. Challenge her to be better
You can naturally gain a special place in your woman’s life by helping her find what she wants in life and make her understand and believe how important her happiness is to you. Help change the way she sees the world and help her stand out and live a happier life. The fact that you care that much about her well-being will make her want to keep you around longer.

6. Pay attention to details
Did she suddenly change her hair color, shed a few pounds, or buy a new outfit? These are all things you need to take note of; most women instinctively flock to attentive guys with keen eyes.

7. Be spontaneous
Once things become predictable in a relationship, things become boring–and once things become boring, the relationship is essentially over. Mix things up a little and surprise her with flowers or hidden love notes, whisk her away to an unplanned romantic weekend and call her for no other reason than to simply say “I love you.”

8. Make her laugh
Not only will showing off your great sense of humor get a girl to laugh–it’s bound to ensure that both of you enjoy your time spent together. A sense of humor usually tops a woman’s attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on.

9. Don’t take her for granted
Women want a man to be someone that makes them feel happy, secure and loved and don’t want to deal with insensitive remarks, little hurts and frustration in a relationship. Let her know that you do appreciate her doing things for you.

10. Be chivalrous
Show respect for your girlfriend by being a gentleman. Even if you have been together for a while and chivalry has fallen by the wayside, revive it by opening doors for her, pulling out her chair at the restaurant, helping her with heavy bags, etc…


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