Toilet locked for 12 years as pupils defecate on themselves at Kwashieman Primary 2 School

7646491235587_3809818013260The failure to commission a newly constructed toilet facility kept under lock and key at the Kwashieman Primary 2 School has compelled pupils in the school to defecate on themselves or behind people’s houses.

The facility – which was completed 12 years ago – has not been opened for the pupils because it has not been commissioned by the assembly.

School authorities confirm this to Joy News’ Beatrice Adu but refuse to grant interviews or speak on the issue.

The toilet facility kept under lock for 12 years

Pupils who defecate on themselves are not spared the mockery of their colleagues.

Most pupils here have had to go through this humiliating experience because when nature calls and the place of convenience is far, defecating on oneself seems to be the only option.

“It has been locked so we don’t get a place to urinate or attend to nature’s call”, one pupil told Beatrice.

Complete with with water storage facility but under lock

Another said “we don’t have any washroom in this area so anytime we are supposed to urinate or [defecate] we have to go to places very far away”.

Residents around the school, whose homes and bathrooms have been turned into a toilet by the pupils are not pleased with the development.

One of them told Beatrice Adu “they defecate in my bathroom everyday and this is because they don’t have a place to attend to nature’s call. Government must do something about this so we can be free”.

Even the paint on the building has faded

“They urinate all over and defecate. On two occasions my uncle and I have had to clean some of them up when they had running stomach. This has been happening since I relocated to this place 12 years ago”, another angry resident said.

Although there is one toilet facility at the school, it is exclusive to teachers only. The place is constantly locked up until a teacher feels the need to use it.

Officials of the School including the headmistress would not comment for fear of being victimized.


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