Thousand Trees Planted In Loving Memory Of Prof. Mills

atta mAbout one thousand trees have been planted in four communities namely, Esuehyia, Asaman, Esaaman and Otuam all in the Ekumfi District of the central region in memory of former President, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

This forms part of activities to observe the third anniversary of the untimely demise of the late Prof. Mills whose departure to the world of no return, occurred on 27 July 2012.

Explaining the rational behind the tree planting, the Central Regional Communications Director of the NDC, Mr. Emmanuel Kwesi Dawood said Prof. was committed to renewable natural resources development.

Mr. Dawood pointed out that due to Prof Mills’ concern about renewable resources development; he “Prof Mills” personally launched the national forestry plantation project at Abofo in the Offinso Municipality.

He added that Prof J.E.A. Mills engineered the establishment a full University of Renewable Natural Resources at Sunyani due to his for love for renewable resources.

“If we are remembering him today, it is befitting that we plant these trees in his home town to send a clear signal that afforestation issues must be taken seriously” He said.

The occasion was attended by almost all the central regional executives of the NDC.

Also in attendance were the deputy central regional minister, QuinsterPokua Sawyer and Mr. Kofi Mills, son of profAtta Mills.

Ghana was thrown into a state of wailing and mourning when news broke hot from the cool pot that Professor Mills has passed away.

This happened just two days after his 68th birthday and three and halve years into his reign as the president of Ghana.

In one way or the other, his tragic death united the country and reduced the kind of political tension that was mounting in the country towards the 2012 general elections as politicians from both sides of the political device laid down their arsenals and mourned him.

It’s been three years since Prof. Asomdwee Hen Mills entered the unseen world. However, Ghanaians will continue to remember his ultimate longing for peace and unity all the time.

The success of a man is not to be measured by his duration on earth but by his contribution to his nation.

Uncle Atta, Nyamenfawokransieyiewoasomdwee mu.