This is it; the one-page, ¢3.6m, bus branding contract


Pressure group, OccupyGhana has released the contract document obtained from the Attorney-General on the controversial bus branding deal.
In a Facebook post, lead member of the group, Mr. Ace Ankomah said, “We know that with contracts, length or size has nothing to do with it (all naughty puns excluded).

But it is scandalous and insulting to Ghanaians that the entire Smartty’s ‘Contract’, when it finally came to be signed, was effectively just a-ONE-PAGE document.

And when one takes out the puffs and fluffs on that page, the only terms are captured in six (6) lines!

The second page was for signatures, and then some 5 or so pages of useless documents generated by Smartty’s were added to pad and beef it up.

“Yes, almost $1m of your money was being frittered away in an illegal sweetheart transaction with the yet-undenied endorsement of the Office of the President (the same Office of the President that ordered the investigation and does not have the courage, spine to publish the AG’s report), and they didn’t even bother to get a first-year lawyer to write a half-decent contract.

“Worse, the Minister DID NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT.”




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