I can’t wait to live in a world of wireless electricity where my mobile phone charges without needing to be plugged in.

My biggest frustration is when my phone battery dies at 4pm. 4PM ? ! Are you kidding me ? ! I’ve at least 3 more hours of work and now I’ve got to stop for 30 minutes to plug this thing in and charge it up.

I haven’t got time for that. I’ve had this phone for 4 months and I’m SURE the battery used to last longer.

There are 4 things that cause your phone battery to die early:

1) Apps running in the background.
2) wifi/3g usage when phone is locked
3) An old battery.
4) Apps using GPS even when they are closed.

Our phones are using battery even when they are in a sleeping/locked state. They are connected to the cellular network, using 3G/wifi. Apps are running processes that aren’t needed and checking your location via GPS and 3G.

It’s known that free versions of many apps sneakily use GPS/3G to calculate your location. They do this even when the app is closed so that when you open the app it can target adverts to your location.

So, my phone is going dead at 4pm because apps want to shows me adverts?!

I wasn’t happy with that.

So I started looking for an app to help me with that. I knew I couldn’t fix an old battery but I could definitely get more life from it with an app that could automatically kill apps and reduce my 3G/WIFI connectivity.

There are 1000s of “battery saver” apps in the Google Play Store. I went with “DU Battery Saver” for 5 reasons:

1) It’s had over 1.8 MILLION 5-Star Reviews.
2) It runs automatically in the background working to maximise battery life.
3) It comes in 17 languages including Hindi and Chinese. Woo!
4) It has a “one-click” feature that instantly finds problems that are currently reducing your battery life and fixes them.
5) It’s free to download (they do have a pro-version but I didn’t need it).



Results are going to vary but here is what I know. I’m a heavy user that starts at 8am. By 4pm my phone was dead. That is 8 hours of near constant use.

With DU Battery Saver I get on average until about 8:30pm to 9:15pm before my phone dies.

That’s at least a 55% increase in battery life. It’s claimed that for low-demand users DU Battery Saver can increase battery life by over 100%.

credit : Jason Carmight

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