These Couples Adorned In Kentes, Ahenemas And Gold Ornaments, Will Make You Love Ghanaian Traditional Weddings

A typical Ghanaian traditional wedding is unique and full of rich culture, and we love how beautiful it is all displayed through the bride and groom’s way of dressing.

From the different kinds of beautiful kentes, to the Ahenemas, the gold ornaments, beads and other traditional jewelries which are used to adorn the couple, Ghanaian traditional weddings are one beautiful moment to love.

If you haven’t been to any Ghanaian traditional marriage before then you should add it to your to-do list and have a view of it all for yourself.

But before you do, take a look at how some Ghanaian couples are proving the beauty of the country’s tradition in their beautiful kentes, jewelries, ahenemas and other adornments.



Source: Fashionghana