There is no unity among Tema-based artistes – Dadie Opanka


Opanka has dispelled claims that Tema-based artistes are united as compared to their colleagues in other cities.

He indicated that the public has been deceived into believing that there is unity among musicians in the music industry (circular music).

He observed that circular musicians do not like their colleagues and that they pretend to love themselves when they mount platforms.

‘We are never real, we have never been real, there is no unity among Tema-based artistes. The so called most humble artistes are not humble. They are never humble. We don’t like each other, everybody is cool with everybody, they act like they like each other. People don’t know what happens behind the scenes. Let’s keep it real,’ he revealed.

According to him, there are sheep with wolf skin in the industry and that circular musicians are never real.

The ‘tietie’ crooner lashed out at his colleagues who pretend to be genuine, saying there are lots of them who refuse to assist their colleagues when they propose to do collaborations.

‘Most musicians who come on stage and on air, they act like they are humble, they are liars, they are tigers, if fans know their real characters like they won’t just be hailing them. There is discrimination in the industry.

They say big ups to this person and all that, people are opportunists, there is discrimination everywhere, sometimes they want to gain something from you, before they work with you, like a fan base before they will agree to do collaboration with you.

Shrugging their shoulders, we help people who do not even need the platform, people who need platforms are rejected, if you are piping, flying, trending that is when people will be looking for you. They will tell you it’s a dope tune, when you tell them you want to feature them on the song, they will never offer help,’ he fumed.

Speaking on Ultimate fm’s E-Review, he urged musicians to desist from using ‘juju’ to promote their brands.

‘People are not using God to make it, people pass elsewhere before making it, you listen to a song and realise that the song does not say anything but it’s trending. Some use juju which is very bad, it’s scary when they realise that somebody is making it, they bring the person down,’ he advised.


Source: Ultimatefmonline