There is hope for a better future – Abu Sakara

On this Labour Day I once again extend my warmest congratulations to all Ghanaian workers and entrepreneurs in the formal and informal sectors, for another year of hard work that has served our nation well. Your dedication and contributions towards Ghana’s development over the years has been immense and your contribution to our wellbeing cannot be measured in terms of monies that you have been paid, it far exceeds that. Your commendable efforts will continue to serve us on this occasion and generations to come as we struggle together to build the best Ghana that we can.

As we all join workers across the globe to celebrate the most important day of the worker, it is also necessary to use the day to reflect on what we can all do to support transformation of our societies into communities of happy people that live in dignity and thrive in a shared prosperity. Yes we all want transformation but we must be mindful of where we are transforming from and where we are transforming to. Most importantly what can of society will we be transformed into?

The growing global tendency for a transformation in which a few prosper at the expense of the many is unacceptable and intolerable! Ghana must not follow in the footsteps of nations in which there is a growing disparity between the rich and poor, the haves and have nots, the workers and the bosses! We must not become a society in which the yoke and burden of prosperity is carried by the workers who remain poor whilst a few get richer. Ghana must move towards a transformation in which we all rise up in a prosperity that is shared and inclusive of all of us.

The growing tendencies which ensures that a few guzzle whilst the majority thirst is the bane of the new order in the world at large. Right now eighty five people in the world are richer than the rest of the world’s 8.5 billion people. Is this social justice? Is this the only outcome of global free trade with economies that a mindlessly market driven? Has the state no say in correcting the injustices that this looming situation presents, when so many of our youth are unemployed? Are we making the right choices and setting the right priorities for the prosperous future we all want? More close to home, we must ask whether the Ghana today is working for all of us?

There is the need for Ghanaian workers to have good jobs with good pay that meets living costs. Ghana’s workers need strong health and safety regulations at work and a pension that they can live on in dignity when retired. “The Ghanaian worker deserves the best”. Sadly we are not giving the best and we cannot give the Ghanaian worker the best out of thin air.

We must be deliberate in our choice of principles that guide the building of national economy to all especially that is fair especially the Ghanaian worker. The time tested and enduring principles of self-determination, social justice and Pan Africanism must be given real meaning to our generation and those yet unborn. We can and must avoid the scourge of gross disparity between rich and poor by ensuring we base our economy on a self-reliant path determined by us.

We cannot do this if we live on borrowed money for everything we need. We must save to invest our own money in the direction that will grow jobs as the fruit of a growing economy. We can avoid the scourge of disparity if we ensure that increasing prosperity is generated from the base of Agriculture and added value so that everyone shares in the benefits.

We can and must avoid the fear and lack of confidence that doubting ourselves brings by joining hands with our African neighbors in our region. Pan Africanism is not just a slogan it is the direction to the economies of scale that will strengthen our weaker economies on the global stage. It is only when we realize the legacy left for us that we can see the seat of dignity and pride that awaits us on the global stage as Africans.

This seat is the one which our forefathers point to in the finger of Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Let us unite and work together today and all days to ensure that we take our rightful sitting place among the community of nations of all countries and races in the world. This is the calling for the workers of our generation.

I urge the government to maintain a safe and peaceful environment necessary for progress and develop policies that provide equal opportunity to every citizen to operate in the Country. The triumph of the rule of law and love of country are what will further our prospects of building a prosperous, fair and just Ghanaian society.

We must all encourage those who have been tasked to maintain law and order to do so without fear or favour in a professional manner. We must heal the cancer of corruption that eats away at the wealth and fortunes of our nation and its people. Everyone has a role to play.

It is necessary for us to provide a leadership of inspiration and hope for Africa because our best days are yet to come. It is only the dawn of Africa’s rebirth; our “midday Sun” shall surely rise so that we also shall know days of glory in our lifetime.

Our national quest for recovery lies in a common future for all Africa and Africans. It is only through integration in pursuit of a genuine unity that we can have a true sense of purpose, focused efforts, greater human resources and bigger economy that we can hold our own in this world.

It is my duty and privilege to encourage all Ghanaians in their endeavors as we strive to build our nation. In a year of significant trials and tribulations, it is even more important that we look to horizon with the possibility of hope for a new and improved condition for all Ghanaians.

I wish to use this opportunity to urge the Government to find a solution to the power crisis which has rendered the Ghanaian worker unproductive. Most companies and businesses are collapsing with thousands of people losing their jobs and livelihood thereby increasing the rate of unemployment and making it difficult to bridge the poverty gap between the rich and the poor.

We must all come together as one people to help solve these challenges. Ghana belongs to all of us and yet we are but a fraction of the future inheritors of our dear nation in another forty-two years’ time when we celebrate our centenary.

What you and I do today will determine the kind of Country we leave for our children and our grand- great children. Let us all help move our nation forward irrespective of our partisan divides. Let us do more in our work places to build a robust, working and sustainable economy. Ghana must work again and Ghana needs you to work again!

Thank you and God Bless you. God Bless our homeland Ghana, land of the rising Black Star! God Bless Africa and Africans everywhere. Above All God bless the hands of working mothers, suffering fathers and all workers that labor for our common good and the good of mankind.

Ayekooooo to all workers!


Dr Michael Abu Sakara

CPP Presidential Candidate,2012

Source : GNA