‘The Volta I know shouldn’t be this poor’

Communications Director for think Tank; IMANI Ghana, Serlom Brantie has lamented the poverty the Volta region finds itself in.

The vocal member of the IMANI team, who also happens to be a Voltarian, says a region with such great potential should not be in the current state the Volta region finds itself in.

Following a demonstration by some youth of the region, Selorm Brantie took to facebook to voice out his frustration at the region’s situation.

“Seeing that Volta has so much to offer in terms of history, tourism, agriculture and transportation, it breaks my heart to see how poor the region is when its natural resources are bursting its seams with potential. That some youth will protest is a clear indication that Voltarians are really fed up with the raw deals they are having, but that is not the full story”, he states.

In his experience,” a journey that should normally take two hours over 110 kilometers becomes an epic giant slalom that would make Kimi Raikonen and Michael Schumacher look like amateurs on that road.

Last week, between a friend of mine and I, we burst 4 tires in the space of 24 hours”.

He says the fact that someone chooses to live and grow up in the region should not be their nemesis, adding that people continue to die of snakebites, Pregnant women in labour still rely on long canoe rides to reach the nearest hospital.

Some youth of the Volta region also hit the streets to protest the perceived government neglect of the region at the fourth general meeting of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs.

source : rawgist.com