The Rules Of Work Have Changed!

work 1‘Today it’s personal!’ At retirement, after working for 30 years in a company a certain elderly man received a watch as a gratuity at the end of his service. Some people would to get a bicycle. Now, where on earth do you see 60 year olds cycling? I think this was a rip off and a joke. As everyone celebrated the 30 years of service I could see that he was not so happy, neither was I, because I could clearly see the rip off. This is how work was then.

The Easier You Are To Be Replaced At Work, The Less You Will Be Paid

Keep this in your mind, ‘the easier you are to be replaced at work, the less you will be paid.’ Each day ‘Thomas’ would wait at the traffic lights hoping to be picked for a day job. The pay is the same R100 (about $10) minimum wage per day, take it or leave it. The contractors do not care who you are, whether foreigner or local, as long as you do what they say! The competition is high especially with migrants coming in to look for work. After all this is how they start their new life in the foreign country. The more you are like the majority, the higher your competition.

‘Obey and comply, do as you are told, then the company or government will take care of you.’ This is the ‘American dream’ and it has become a world nightmare. Inflation erodes pensions, investments eroded, retrenchments, cut backs etc. Then who will really represent you? And is there someone really representing you? If you do not take care of yourself, no one will.

School System Was Designed To Feed The Factories

The school system was designed to produce compliant people to feed the factories or industries, people who can ‘stand in a line and do what they are told.’ Yes, that’s the point of school. First they make you wear the same uniform. Why? So that it gets into your mind that you are ALL the same. But are we? They make you take the same test, study the same set of subjects etc, but the bottom line is we are all different. We are all good at different things. They make you believe that some people are cleverer than others, just because they know who was the first president of this country and which one is the largest national park. But actually each one is a genius in something. This is not what the factories want. They want the same type of people. People who shut up, ‘stand in a line and do what they are told.’

It’s An Attendance Based Compensation (ABC) System

It’s an Attendance Based Compensation (ABC); start at 8 am end at 5 pm, follow this manual or these instructions, that’s it, and we pay you this. You can even leave your brains at home as long as you follow these rules. They set the terms and conditions for you and just say sign at the dotted line in the contract. If you don’t want, they get someone else who will, so easy to be replaced.

If companies really want people who follow rules and do as they are told, why do they promote higher than average performers or people who exceed targets or someone who creates something new?

You Are A Genius At Something
To conclude, I say you are a genius at something. This is the reason God made you. Find that thing! You have God given gifts and talents that are amazing, that you or your employer may have no idea of. Do not hide them. Let them shine. You gifts and talents are the display of the genius in you.

I am not saying education is not important, no! I am saying rather let’s get the most out of it by applying it to our uniqueness. I am not saying do not obey your boss [actually you may get into trouble], but I am saying do not shut down the genius in you. If you do, you will get frustrated and get negative, like the majority.

The further you move from the majority, the more you are likely to be remunerated better. Possess the rare skills and they will hunt for you, and you will dictate the terms.