The right way to pair your tie and pocket square – 3 Rules to master


It is becoming increasing popular among guys these days to wear a suit with a tie and a pocket square or just a pocket square with the suit.

I must say that indeed it is very becoming and makes many a guy look suave and up to standard. So go ahead, feel good, and feel cool because everybody knows who the boss is!

Thing is, you really need to ensure that those hot looks the ladies are throwing at you stems from the fact that you have got your pocket square and tie act well put together and not that you have got the whole tie and pocket square all wrongly put together. Looks they say can be pretty deceptive right?

Now to make sure you really are on top of your game, I have put together this article on the right way to combine your tie and pocket square.

Rule 1

Never ever match your pocket squares to your tie. We are talking same colour and same print. It is a capital crime! I’m yet to ascertain if there is jail time attached this crime.

It means just don’t go matching ties and squares. Your squares should complement the tie and should blend with the colour the suit or suit you are wearing.

So let’s say you are wearing a blue and yellow coloured tie, you can choose to go for a plain coloured pocket square in either a solid blue or solid yellow.

Better still if you have a patterned square featuring the two colours you could choose to use them. The key to pulling of perfect combo lies in keeping classy and trendy. Definitely not a two way street. Take a look at the picture.

pocket square

Rule 2

Be versatile with your folds. You cannot learn all the different types of folds out there but at least you can master two or three types of fold which can come in useful depending on the occasion you will be present at.

So have the flexibility of knowing which particular fold will create the maximum impact for your image in a particular setting.

Simpler and structured folds makes for a conservative look and the fluid and less structured fold are casual oriented and gives you a relaxed appearance.

pocket square


Rule 3

Learn the art of creating contrasting textures for your tie as well as for your pocket square.

You ​can for example choose to create contrast by pairing a smooth satin silky tie with a linen pocket square.

The contrast between the silk tie and linen pocket square pops out giving you an altogether different outlook. So you don’t always have to pair a silk tie with silk pocket square. Ensure that you opt for a square that will fit snugly into your coat pocket and not slide down when you tuck it in.



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