Before I tell you the story, I will begin with a quote:

“We are at the crossroad, going back is cowardice, standing still is suicidal and going forward is daunting but the only way is forward, so we shall march on, overcome every obstacle, grow through every challenge and win in the end.” -Rudolph®

…From watching action movies I always knew the hero or as we called him in Ghana “the blow man” will have to suffer, beaten and get to the point of death and a dramatic turn of event he will bring the “last killer” (villain) down. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator.

All of us will clap and be happy that after all the suffering and beatings the hero has finally finished off the villain.

In our local African movies, a step-mother will maltreat a step-daughter while pampering her own daughter. If I happen to be watching that movie with my mum and sisters they would be so angry at the stepmother if she could she would adopt the stepdaughter just to save her from the atrocities.

I would say “Mum, this is just a movie”, she would say “I know, but it’s sad”!

In the end, a wealthy man will come to marry one of the ladies, he will choose the poor stepdaughter instead of the stepmother’s own daughter.

Those movies always end on the positive but from the beginning it’s full of pain. If that pain is endured you enjoy in the end.
From reading many books, I know the last chapter is always full of surprises.

Perhaps your life is now like the action movie or a local movie where you are being maltreated. It may be like a novel full of suspense such as THE SYCAMORE ROW by John Grisham or Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novel PERSUADER. Endure the suspense, the pain, the anxiety and know that “the last chapter is not written”.

In those movies, at a point suicide becomes an option for them but they hold on. It’s may be bad now but I need you to remember that the last chapter is not written.
Incredible things turn to happen when we hold on. You don’t have to die, you don’t have to give up, something good is always coming so just hold on.

Dramatic turn of events will turn the tide and bring you on top.

Most of the world’s failures are people who didn’t know how close they were to success when they gave up”-Thomas Edison 

You may be closer than it seems, hold on for the next chapter. The results are not good enough now, but the last chapter is not written so hold on. Keep the faith.

Keep going. If you happen to read a Grisham or Lee Child’s book, you never know what’s in the last chapter.

Life is like a book, some chapters are not all rosy but you have to go through the bad chapters to get to the good chapters.

He who has not tasted what is bitter doesn’t know what is sweet”-German proverb. 

It may not be immediately

But if you hold on

We shall win definitely.



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