‘The head is for thinking’ – GES hits back at Prof Quarm


The heavily-criticised primary one natural science textbook, which claims the human head is used for carrying load, is not approved, the Ministry of Education has announced.

A statement issued Monday afternoon read: ” It must be noted that the book in question is not an approved textbook for schools under the Ghana Education Service,” and advised heads of schools and parents against patronising the said book authored by Prof. Joseph Albert Quarm.

The book, Natural Science for Primary Schools – Pupil’s Book 1, with an illustration, states the function of the human head is for carrying load; something that has since sparked public condemnation among some academic scholars.

Although some people including the Vice President of think-tank group, Imani Ghana, Kofi Bentil, have called for the withdrawal of the said textbook, Prof. Quarm insists the classification of the head as part of the human body for carrying load is correct.

“It is absolutely correct because over here we are using activity-based learning where you need to consider teaching and learning materials and where you need to take the child to the field to learn. It is perfectly right and hundred percent right,” he told Accra-based Citi FM.

But the Ministry of Education says its initial investigations have revealed the infamous textbook “appears to be uncommissioned solo effort by the said author [Prof Quarm]” and has thus not gone through the requisite approval processes of the Ghana Education Service.

It noted there is only one GES-approved primary one science text book – Natural Science for Primary Schools: Activity-Based Pupils’ Book 1 – which states on page 62 that “our head contains the brain which helps us to think”.

“The Ministry wishes to advice against associating the Ministry or the Ghana Education Service to this publication”, it said.

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