Every winner has felt it

The woman in labour knows what it means

The long distance runner heading into the last lane

The boxer in the 11th rounds with a bleeding left eye
The lion chasing down an elephant 50 times its size

The college student in final year struggling to finish

The father when things are tough and the family needs him

The business owner, when he loses money

Every king has felt it
Every soldier

Every champion

Every victorious person

Everyone who did something worthwhile
Has felt it…

The edge to QUIT!
It may take an extra year

It may take you longer than others

You may have to take courses online

You may have to train twice as hard

Life will beat you down several times
You will feel it…

The edge to QUIT!
But don’t you dare quit

You may not have the money

You may not have the support

You may not have the family

And you may not have the talent

But don’t you dare quit!
It’s not about how you feel

You don’t feel like waking up ?

Who does ? You don’t feel like training today ?

No one does, get up and do what you have to do

It’s the commitment you make which makes the difference

Don’t you dare quit!
Through it all, the storm, the pain, the disappointment

The tears, the anguish, the failure, when people you were counting on to help you fail to show up

Don’t you dare quit!
Keep going till you taste victory

Commit to this project till you finish

Don’t you dare quit!

You can do it !!!