The Demise of Prof. Mills; Lessons To Be Learnt Three Years Down The Line

profLeadership is either by nature or nurtured.Ghana has seen the rise of several leaders from the local fronts to the national and International fronts at large. Among all these leaders, the late Prof. John Evans Fifii Attah Mills is one worth noting and remembering.

He led his nation in truth,humility and above all Godliness. He was an epitome of democracy and nationalism.Exactly three years ago,the whole nation of Ghana and African continent was thrown into a state of grief,agony,pain and heart aches at the loss of a great son of the land.As we mark the third year of the demise of this great son of Ghana, the life of the “Asomdwehene” must be reflected upon.

His life should be a yardstick with which we measure our individual lives and contribution to the development of Ghana. Prof.John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, is one from whom all Ghanaians both in leadership and fellowership must acquire the habit of nationalism, Commitment to purpose, Unity, Hardwork and Humility.It is no misnomer that this great man was handed the Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize.

He lived a life of a hero, an initiator, a teacher, a fan of peace and an adverse enemy of war and retrogression.Remembering this man must not just be for fun but rather it must be geared toward inculcating in ourselves some enviable characters portrayed by the “Asomdwehene”.This is the time when all citizens of Ghana must try doing things to aid the nation rather than complain all the time, in this deteriorating state of our economy.Let us not allow politics and selfishness lead us into doing things that would destroy our nation.

The late president Mills would be proud wherever he is now, should he see positive changes in the country as a result of the life he led as a leader during his tenure of office as a president of the Republic of Ghana(2009-2012).This man is a hero Ghana can never learn to do away with. We hope that the population would learn from the life of this noble Genius. To my fellow Ghanaian youth, I charge you all to become good leaders like the Late Prof. J.E.A Mills or even better than him.

May the good Lord who sees through all hearts grant him a peaceful rest till we meet again some day.

Rest In perfect Peace, “Asomdwehene”
Rest in Peace,Uncle Attah
Rest In peace, His Excellency Prof. John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills.