The Black attitude

2316448554137_7661193912693Growing up in a country made with rich natural resources, I believed in the “There are no jobs” syndrome. Which then moved to “Whom you know’’ and finally “who knows you”?

I paused for a moment and started asking myself questions. Do I also want to be like my friends who are jobless and frustrated or do I also want to join the train of frustration?

Well, I was able to find answers to these questions because I learnt to tackle them according to their definitions. Focusing on our weaknesses has been our major priority as Africans because we do not pay much attention to our strengths.

I wonder why someone with 1st degree or masters’ degree would still believe there are no jobs and yet, carry envelopes around all day in search of a job. What is your strength? What is your passion? Why don’t we channel our efforts into one strength and find out what we can really do for ourselves than to always fight for the little jobs created. We can do that by starting small. A journey of a thousand miles begin with a step.

Let’s sit down and put all our strength into practical terms and see if we cannot succeed as youth in our locality or society. Better still, ask few friends to tell you what your strengths are then take a bold step to develop them.

Focus on the right path and move at a slow pace. Life is not a marathon so take it easy as you move forward. Well every successful man was able to take a risk so don’t think you will not be hit by the storm. Create your own job and make it a multinational by giving yourself a 10 year plan. Look at your achievement as the year goes by and then correct some of the mistakes along the line.

Take that bold step today and always have in mind that life is not for the swift but for those who can endure. What is the knowledge you have acquired from school? What did you study and what was your favourite course? Are you going to sit down without putting that knowledge into use?

My lovely siblings, the time is now for us to act. Implement the habit of success since you already have the art of success in you. Yes you can be that successful or wealthy man you have dreamt to be, or the man of success you see everyday in your mirror. African youth, put down your portfolio and act now. Selah