Thank you with lyrics by Kukuletta



Song Title: Thank You
Artiste: Kukuleta
Country: Ghana
Year: 2014

Verse 1
It’s been a long, long road
M’akyen akyen akyen abrɛ (I’m tired from wandering)
Nso ndɛ metaase a…(But I’m alive today)
I’ll tell you a short story,
When I gave my life to Christ
He’s been the best thing I ever had…

Pre Chorus
I’ve been looking for a way mi Dios to tell you,
So I’ll just turn to my dialect and give glory
Hwɛ, sɛ me hram, na me da, na me sor mɛkadɛ (Fante Language)

I just wanna say THANK YOU
Ma ɔwɔ memu nyidɛ (What’s deep in my heart is)
Daddy me da wase (thank you, Daddy)
wɔ adze ayɛ amam…(For what you’ve done for me)

Verse 2
M’afa kwan, kwan pii do (I’ve turned away several times)
Nso ɛnyi mamma (But you never gave up on me)
ɛbɔ mi Corazon (“Heart” in Spanish) dɛ meter band (You’re perpetually touching my heart’s strings)
Akwan bi a m’atu (In all my ways)
I say I ain’t letting you go
Medɔw dɛ Spanish guitar… (I love you like a Spanish guitar)

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus
Thank you for life and breath
You gave to me, all that I need
Gracias señor (“Thank you” in spanish), you’ve given me a song to sing
Medawase Nyame w’ayɛm yɛ (Thank you God for your kindness)
Thank you is all I want to say…

Repeat Chorus till fade

Credit: Kukuleta/

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