Tertiary students to benefit from increase in loan amounts


President John Dramani Mahama has hinted of an upward adjustment of the loan amounts received by tertiary students as from a minimum of GHc 750 to GHc 1000.

Speaking at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, he indicated that the student loan trust scheme is currently undergoing positive transformation which will include the increment of loans and the payment of admission fees of fresh tertiary students.

He lauded the efforts made by the Student Loan Trust board in this regard as he outlined the expected changes.

“The Student Loan Trust board has been meeting and they have reviewed the students load rates. The bottom used to be 750 and the top used to be 1600. It has been review and the minimum a student will get now will GHc 1000 the maximum is GHc 2000.”


“Aside from that, they have introduced what they call the student load plus. The criteria for accessing the student was that you must be a student so you must be holding your admission letter.”

“They have introduced the ‘students loan plus’ for student who are cash strapped and cannot even pay their admission fees. So there are a category of students who would earn ‘student loans plus’ which means, they will pay your admission fees and at the same time let you access the students loan scheme,” President Mahama explained.


Source: citifmonline