Terrorist attack against Ghana imminent – National Security

soldierThe National Security Council has indicated that there is a credible threat of terrorism against Ghana and all other countries in the West African sub-region.

A statement issued by Communications Minister Dr Edward Omane Boamah said the Council met Tuesday March 15 to review the security situation in the country in the wake of the upsurge of terrorist attacks in the sub-region.

The meeting was chaired by President John Mahama and attended by service chiefs and all other members of the council.

The council reviewed the recent attacks in Mali, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Iovire and current intelligence on extremist activities in West Africa.

“The National Security Council, on the basis of briefings by the intelligence agencies and partners, has determined that there is a credible terrorist threat to all countries in the sub-region,” the statement said.

The Council reviewed its anti-terrorism preparedness, joint service operations, and other measures to ensure the safety of the citizenry.

“In view of the conventional wisdom that security is a shared responsibility, the Council has advised that the general public be vigilant, cautious and curious and report any unusual circumstances to the law enforcement agencies.

“The Council further urges all Ghanaians and other nationals resident in Ghana to bear with security measures that may be enforced at various locations from time to time for the purpose of public safety. The Council will review the situation on a continuous basis,” the statement added.

Source: pulse.com.gh

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