Tecno’s journey into the future with the HiOS


Old TECNO devices have had this random custom Android UI, nameless and full of many unwanted apps (bloat ware), which were considered obnoxious by some and distasteful by others.

However, TECNO listened to all of their complaints and suggestions, they are now very sensitive to customers’ reactions to their products. The new custom designed UI – HiOS is here to make every mobile user’s experience simpler and perfect.

The HiOS can be likened to light beams, the type Einstein wished to ride on when he was alive. TECNO has become the Einstein of this age, riding on light beams into the future with the innovative idea of the simple, yet smart and stylish HiOS.

The impressive one-button memory clean up option brings TECNO one-step into the future as there’s no reason to have the DU cleaner/booster anymore on any TECNO device.

The most unique of the pre-installed apps of the HiOS which is named the Hi Manager comes with futuristic features; features particularly to maintain the ROM and RAM of your device working, no matter the duration of use.

Even after two years, your BOOM J8 will still be as functional as when you newly acquired it.


Source: Tecno Ghana

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