Teachers dare Controller to block salaries


The Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana has threatened to strike if government goes ahead to block the salaries of its members who will be unable to get SSNIT biometric registration by the end of September.

According to the teachers, the Controller and Accountant General’s Department has issued a directive to the effect that persons who fail to register for SSNIT biometric cards by the end of September will have their salaries blocked.

But the teachers say it will not be possible for all their members to register to get the SSNIT biometric card by the deadline in view of the cumbersome nature of the process. They further claim it takes two months after registration to even get the cards. “The late issuance of such directives is not helpful.

We are urging the Controller not to dare block teacher’s salary this September just because they have not done SSNIT biometric registration since the registration process itself has its own myriad of challenges,” President of the group, King Ali Awudu said.

He told 3FM’s Sarah Apenkroh that “we shall resist this to the last pinch of our breath”. Mr Awudu also wants government to settle the salary arrears of about 3,600 teachers.

He expressed the hope that government would pay them all outstanding arrears by the edn of October. “It is our hope that by the end of October 2016 all these issues are resolved to avert any industry unrest,” he said, adding “We want to reiterate our stance for the Ministry of Finance to put an end to the three months pay policy”

Mr. Awudu also claimed some teachers who were promoted last year have not yet been put on a salary scale, adding those due for promotion this year have also not been interviewed. He noted that the situation has come about “because the Ghana Education Service have no funds.”

The group said it is unfortunate that funds meant for running educational offices are not being paid, yet the government expect officers to monitor education. “Basic teaching and learning materials are lacking in many schools. How can quality education be achieved in such a state,” Mr Awudu said.


Source; 3news