Taxi drivers to stage ‘X’mas demo’ over fuel prices

Taxi drivers across the country are threatening to demonstrate this festive season over high cost of fuel.

They also intend parking their cars at home for the protest.

Prices of some petroleum products have seen an upward adjustment after parliament passed the 17.5 percent VAT on petroleum products last month.

But the drivers say the recent reduction in oil prices on the world market must lead to a reduction in prices locally.

Emmanuel Wussah, Convener of the Concerned Taxi Drivers Association, told Starr News that government’s decision not to reduce the fuel price is preventing people from boarding taxis.

“The fuel price is down and we are expecting the President to do something about it but we haven’t seen anything. We don’t know why if the fuel prices go high, they increase but when it comes down nothing happens,” Wussah said.

He added that “business is not going on well…People are not picking the taxis anymore and we don’t why the President is not doing anything about it”.

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