Tamale basic school pupils at risk of contracting cerebrospinal meningitis


The basic three A, B, and C pupils of St. Joseph School Complex in Tamale in the Northern Region risk cerebrospinal meningitis infection if they continue to study in the make shift structure.

Established in 1951, St Joseph School Complex began as a single school but was in 1987 spilt into three clusters A, B, and C to curtail the increase in enrollment.

With over a thousand pupils from nursery to basic six, the school since the spilt has received various expansion and renovation works to contain the yearly increase in enrollment.

However, portions of the school complex have been left to it fate as the basic three A, B, and C pupils study in this make shift structure constructed almost a decade now.

The heat emanating from the roofing sheets is unbearable, thus according to both teachers and pupils.

Pupils after twelve noon are brought out from the classroom for fresh air as their continuous stay in the structure during this season exposes them to cerebrospinal meningitis.

Teachers are tight lipped about the challenges but indicated that the situation is impeding teaching and learning.

TV3 caught up with Baba Saani,  a parent who said “the PTA tried to help and we were able to construct six classroom block over five years ago but as it stands work cannot progress because the funding is not available to complete it”.

Lessons are not only disrupted by commuters who’s only rout to their various destination is through the school complex but pupils leave their classrooms to chase strayed animals which turn their school premises into a play ground.

Pupils openly defecate within the premises that have been turned into a refuse damp by community folks whiles a toilet facility stands unattended to.

Our investigation revealed that the school is without security lights turning the premises into the hub of night workers and drug peddlers in and outside the community.

It was disclosed that pupils on daily basis exhaust minutes of the six lesson hours in cleaning the mess by intruders who go under the cover of darkness to engage in various vices.


Source: tv3network.com

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