‘Talk about peace always’ – Brother Ishmael Tetteh


Ghanaians have been urged not to wait until election year before talking about peace.

“We need to engage leaders of the political parties all the time, even before elections to give their divergent views on how to sustain it,”

Brother Ishmael Tetteh, head of the Etherean Mission gave the advice in an interview with The Ghanaian Times on Wednesday at his headquarters in Accra.

He advised political leaders to desist from keeping their alternative views on national issues, saying, “It is a bad practice that can retard Ghana’s growth”.

“Political parties should stop the idea of keeping their views to themselves even when they are not in office because Ghana comes first,” he said.

According to Bro. Tetteh individual Ghanaians would be able to work effectively to develop the nation if they identified their God-given talents and potentials which made them unique from others.

He bemoaned the idea that Ghana as a nation could only have peace because of the existence of structures such as buildings, roads, market places, among others.

“We think we can have peace when there are infrastructural development in the country at the expense of developing our mindset,” he stressed


Source: Ghanaian Times