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Starting Goat Farming Business in Ghana 2 of 2

This is a continuation of part 1. You may read the part here. Demand for goat meat is really high in Ghana. You can easily sell your products in your nearest market. Commercial producers can target the international market and export the products in foreign countries. Reproduction and Kids It takes 5 months for a goat to give birth after ...

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Starting Goat Farming Business in Ghana 1 of 2

Goat is lucrative because it produces milk, meat, fibre and manure. Domestic livestock meat production is low and amounted to 66,283 metric tons in the year 2000 of which beef contributed about 27 percent, mutton about 18 percent, goat meat and pig meat about 17 percent each, and poultry meat about 21 percent (SRID, 2001) According to FAO data there ...

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