Taekwondo trainers get ID cards

The Greater Accra Taekwondo Association (GATA) has introduced identification cards for its instructors throughout in the country.

The cards, the first of its kind in the country, bears the name of the instructor, rank, identification number and location. They were officially unveiled last week by the chairman of GATA, Norbert Amefu, at a brief but colourful ceremony in Accra.

Mr Amefu noted that for the sport to gain public approval, it needed to be run professionally with its accompanied disciplinary attributes and ethics.

“Taekwondo is a disciplined sport and must be seen as such. We must not renege on the basics of the game which include a high sense of discipline in self-defence and attack,” he stated.

He admonished instructors to live above reproach and groom young talents for various international competitions.

The former national taekwondo star entreated all instructors to endeavour to obtain the cards to be seen as professionals and qualified trainers in their localities.

He argued that without the cards one cannot be recognised as a qualified martial arts trainer, adding that it’s a sine qua non as far as the sport of taekwondo in the Greater Accra Region is concerned.

Over 50 martial arts instructors were presented with the cards.

source : Graphic Online