Support indigenous businesses, Dr Nduom urges government.

43The President of Groupe Nduom, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has continued his call for Government to support local businesses and business people and stop the victimization of business people who do not belong to a political party.

In his latest Facebook post, he also said that Government should stop paying lip service to indigenous companies in the private sector but instead support and encourage them to grow and help create jobs in the country.

Government continues to pay lip service to the indigenous private sector. Many people find it easier to associate themselves with government to get wealth than to toil in the private sector. Any nation that does this continuously is doomed to servant status in the community of nations.

A lot of our business people are forced to work under cover, hide their wealth and successes because they are afraid of being victimized. They do not want publicity. How long can we continue to light candles and cover them so the flames go out? How can big, big businesses with potential to provide thousands of jobs to our youth and export goods and services develop if the owners do not want to be seen or heard?

We need big Ghanaian banks, big Ghanaian farms, big Ghanaian manufacturers, big Ghanaian media houses, etc so that we can have a vibrant job producing private sector here in Ghana. Politics should be about promoting our own to grow, develop and prosper and should not just be about winning elections.

All political parties particularly the ruling NDC must understand that money does not wear party colors.

This perception of Dr Nduom accounts to GN sponsoring a programme in the U.K called Party in the Park. This programme brought together the Ghanaian community Elderly, Parents, Children and infants.

It also gave opportunity for Ghanaian business in the U.K to be patronized.

Dr Nduom seems to have taken the lead and putting his money where his mouth is. The call on leadership in Ghana to move beyond partisanship is being exemplified by Dr Nduom through the Groupe Nduom Companies.