Sudan ups pressure for exit of Darfur peacekeepers


Sudan has stepped up pressure for a complete exit of international peacekeepers from the country as the UN Security Council begins talks next month on renewing its mission in Darfur for another year.

About twenty-thousand troops and Policemen from more than 30 countries are currently in Sudan’s western region of Darfur as part of the African Union-United Nations Mission, UNAMID.

The Mission which was deployed in 2007, has a mandate to curb violence in Darfur.

Deadly conflict there since 2003 has left thousands of civilians dead.

Khartoum insists that unrest in Darfur has now ended, and that a referendum held there in April was a clear example of security returning to the war-scarred region.

Violence erupted in Darfur when ethnic minority rebels rose against President Omar al-Bashir, accusing his government of marginalizing the region.

Source: NEWS24

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