SUDAN: The proxi wars in Africa and the profiteers

USARuaSudan (with the wicked Al-Bashir as president) was in total control of all the oil in Sudan. However, because of  the war, the government needed more and more guns and China was more than ready to exchange guns for oil. So while NGOs and other groups were working very hard to help save lives in Sudan, China was busy making and supplying even more guns in exchange for oil and more oil. In other words, the Chinese firearm companies flourished while hundreds of thousands of people were dying like flies and the Chinese government was making even more profit out of it. Russia also had similar evil agenda and joined hands with the Chinese government to make more profit in Sudan while innocent people were dying like flies. In other words, China and Russia did not want the conflict to end because the longer the conflict continued, the more profit they made.
The United States came in to help the “underdogs” or the oil-rich South Sudan. Greater part of Sudan’s oil lies in the South. In other words, South Sudan is far richer in oil than North Sudan. However, North Sudan had a very well formed army and all the weapons and support needed to crash South Sudan (where the opposition forcesresided). The United States and some major countries in Europe therefore decided to help South Sudan.
Because of how the United States came in, it was impossible for them to openly make profit out of the war like China and Russia were doing so the United States decided to involve Israel. In other words, Israel came into war just to work for America. America was then able to sell guns and other ammunitions to both the North and South through Israel. Also, The United States knew that after the war, China because of their evil deeds could not buy oil from the oil-rich South Sudan which opens up South Sudan’s oil market to other major players
(including the United States) and that was why America came pretending to help.
When I first heard about KONY 2012, I wept and not just because of what Joseph Kony did over 2 decades ago but because of what the western world was going to do in Africa in the name of Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony (if is still alive) is a very evil man but Joseph Kony did not start his evil deeds 2 years ago. Joseph Kony had been committing these atrocities for more than 2 decades and no western power came in to help. The western world first mentioned Joseph Kony after the first Ugandan oil discoveries were made somewhere in 2006.

Because the government and the people of Uganda knew the implications of Joseph Kony coming back to life, the government of Uganda made it very clear somewhere in 2007 that Joseph Kony had been captured. Joseph Kony reappeared in 2012 after more oil discoveries were made in Uganda in 2011 and this time around the United States and friends were more than ready to send troops to the jungles of Uganda to go capture Joseph Kony.
This is just an example of how western powers benefit from the deaths of untold number of people in Africa. They create and sponsor conflicts in Africa so as to benefit from the blood of the innocent. Almost all the wars and political conflicts in Africa today are “proxy wars” purposely created and sponsored by western powers.