Students abusing dress codes – C-Poly Rector

The Rector of the Cape Coast Polytechnic, Professor Lawrence Atepor has urged institutions to let their dress code reflect soundness of mind.

He said it was worrying that some students of tertiary institutions have abused the freedom to wear what they want on campus.

He said dressing and grooming has become a very sensitive area in many tertiary institutions with some students offending sensibilities on the various campuses.

He has advised students of tertiary institutions to let their dress styles reflect fine qualities like modesty and soundness of mind, adding that “you are what you wear.”

Prof Atepor was speaking at the 21st matriculation of the Cape Coast Polytechnic on Friday.

This year, the polytechnic admitted 1,181 students made up of 643 males and 536 females comprising 1,060 tertiary and 121 non tertiary students.

He said while the tertiary institutions provided fine opportunities to develop talents and skills, they could also present freedoms which could tempt students in all negative practices like drug-addiction, gambling, prostitution and drunkenness.

Prof Atepor cautioned students to be careful with their choices, saying that there was nothing like absolute freedom.

He also urged the students to study diligently to be able to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s development.

Prof Atepor advised government to commit more resources to technical and vocational education, explainnig that it was what Ghana needed now for accelerated development.

“If we expect to be globally competitive and achieve economic progress, then it is imperative that all stakeholders in national education development – government, regulatory bodies – accept that TVET is the new order of the day,” he said.

He said the polytechnic viewed the government’s policy to convert polytechnics into technical universities as a step in the right direction. He added that the administration was making the necessary arrangements to get the polytechnic ready for conversion come 2016.

He also advised the students to use the prescribed channels of communication and avoid the “alutas” in the polytechnics.

He said the polytechnic was making efforts to resolve its limited accommodation situation.

source : Graphic Online