Strictly for the guys: The socks game, get it on!

socksWhat do we mean by the term “The Socks Game”?? Well, the Socks game is a new fashion trend that is seemingly picking up massive speed amongst guys in their early twenties to mid-fifties.

It basically involves dressing all classy, which is wearing an ankle length straight or pencil trouser, a shirt mostly long sleeves, flying tie mostly of a flamboyant colour or a complete slim fitting suit with a bright coloured shirt and tie but making sure you wear socks which are brightly coloured, striped or spotted or square patterned, long and not short but invariably in matching bright colours to the wearer’s shirt or flying tie.

This colour-blending fashion trend is what is in vogue with Men’s dressing style these days.

The market for brightly coloured socks is now fast rising along with their prices.

The traditional way of wearing dark coloured socks mostly black, brown or navy blue in matching colours to the trousers which was seen as the more mature or adult fashion has now given way to the colourful socks trend which was seen as more juvenile back then.

There are also some who even wear the very colourful ones embossed with cartoon characters but apparently it’s all part of the socks game.

Those who wear the colourful socks usually like to go all out to show off their colourful socks to those around by either sitting in ways that really reveal their socks or by wearing those “I fear the ground trousers” which would show their socks even when they are standing.

So the next time you see a young man in his well pressed suit with ankle length trousers and brightly coloured socks underneath them, just know he has got his socks game on.