Strange religious sect invades Yilo Krobo


There is uneasy calm at Pepetifi, a farming community in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region following the appearance of strange religious group in the area.

The sect with membership of about 17, is made up of young men and women as well as children, some of whom are well educated.

The group according to reports are moving across the area preaching their beliefs and doctrines. They among other things preach against human-leadership of the world and society. They contend that God is the only supreme leader who must be obeyed. Their membership is against the leadership of mankind in any kind or shape.

The group which settled in the community in January last year had reportedly lived in Accra for months before relocating. They prefer to settle in bushes and among tress; a practice they claim makes them close to nature.

However, residents of Pepetifi are angered by their stay and have threatened to banish them from the community.

Some community members believe they are terrorists who are operating under the guise of a religious group and have reported them to the district police command.

A unit Committee chairman for Wurapong Electoral Area, in the constituency Emmanuel Kwabena told Starr News they are uncomfortable with the existence of the group in their community.

But in reaction, a member of the group, which is against radio interviews, told Starr News’ Kojo Ansah that they are harmless individuals who are just doing the work of God.



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