Stop using fire crackers -Police warns in ‘Operation Father Christmas’

DSP-Cephas-Arthur-600x330The Police administration has launched what it calls “Operation Father Christmas” aimed at clamping down on the importation, sale and use of fire crackers this Christmas season.

A taskforce will on Friday be inaugurated by the police to begin the exercise ahead of this year’s Christmas; a season when these firecrackers popularly known as ‘knock-outs,’ are widely sold and patronized by celebrants.

Executive Instrument EI 21 of 1999 prohibits the manufacture, possession, distribution and use of categorized explosives in the country.

Despite the illegality of the sale or use of these explosives, importers manage to import them into the country and sell them annually in the open market, especially during Christmas celebrations.

But the police is warning those engaged in the sale, importation and use to stop or be made to face the law when caught.

Speaking to Citi News, Director of Police Public Affairs, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, said the police will ensure that fire crackers become unavailable in the system.

“It is in the interest of the people of Ghana for these items to be banned and that is why they are banned. If anybody violates this law, the person will be made to face the law. “


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