Stop tagging women in politics prostitutes – Anita De Soso


The National Vice Chairperson of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita De Soso has entreated women to desist from tagging other women who want to climb the political ladder as prostitutes.

According to her, women do not encourage their own, thereby pulling the very few ones who have struggled to be on top down.

She believes most of the women in politics are their one own enemies, stating that they tag others as prostitutes for being too ‘close’ to men.

The National Vice Chairperson of NDC observed that due to intimidation, name calling and lack of access to funds, lots of women are afraid to be in politics.

‘Do you believe that within women, we do discourage each especially when you want to contest,… at times when they see that you are nice with the men, our own women not the men they will just tag you as a prostitute, why does she thinks that she is so beautiful or the men are given her money or she is being recognised, then they tag you, we need to stop this,’ she bemoaned.

She admitted that it is not an easy task for women to be in politics, saying the country lacks systems that support women who desire to be in politics.

‘My brother if you want to be a politician, it’s not an easy task, secondly if you have a husband or you are not married, you need your family to support you, if your family does not support you, you can’t go into politics,’ she added.

The ‘lucky’ wife cum politician disclosed that her husband consoles her when things get tough, calling on families to support their people who are in politics.

‘At times when am so discouraged my husband calms me down, he will point to me my wrongs and rights, and sometimes my children also support me, we need people to support us, we can’t do it alone’ she said.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko on women contribution in electoral and political process in Ghana, she called for systems to support more women in politics.

‘It has not been easy but I think that if you are a woman and wants to be in politics, you need to have the courage to start with, … so far so good but it has not been easy, not until our national constitution is amended, women will find it very difficult to achieve it,’ she suggested.

She called on her party NDC to amend their constitution to draw more women in their stronghold.

‘My dream is for our political party to amend our constitution, so that some women in our stronghold can also have the opportunity. Not until these things are done, we will find it more difficult to get more women in politics,’ she envisioned.



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