Stop Starving Your Spouse-Bishop Charles Agyinasare

8287150011553_6110858899230Perez Chapel International’s Bishop, Charles Agyinasare is challenging cheating partners to stop seeking affection outside and heat up their own relationships.

At his 30th Marriage celebration, he expressed disappointment that many marriages are crumbling over lack of passion between couples hence the increase in extra marital affairs

According to him, apart from God, continuous expression of affection and respect between couples is what holds marriages and guards them against troubles especially outside the relationship

“Affection is the environment of the marriage, while sex is the special event. So men must learn sexless affection.. If the husband wants the wife to be turned on after the marriage, he must do what he used to do,” he said.

He said this before renewing vows with his wife, Rev. Mrs. Vivian Agyinasare to mark their 30th marriage anniversary at the Perez Chapel.

Bishop Agyinasare was looking suave in a black and peach three piece suit and a bow tie matching that off his wife’s skirt suit.

The vows were witnessed by his three children, in-laws, friends and church members as well as the media.

The ceremony also saw about 10 couples married 15 years and above also renewing their