Stop predicting polls – Ayariga tells clerics


Founder and flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, has asked religious leaders in the country to stay away from partisan politics and avoid making prophecies about this year’s elections.

The admonition comes at a time when the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has expressed fears about the relationship between politicians and religious leaders deteriorating in the wake of claims from outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana that some politicians attempted bribing him.

The allegation has received a lot of backlash from some political parties, especially the governing National Democratic Congress.

Mr Ayariga, speaking at a news conference at the party’s headquarters on Thursday, 1 September said the intrusion of religion into politics could be dangerous for the country’s peace.

He told the media: “As clergy and respected parsons of our nation, you are to prepare the Lord’s messages and not campaign messages for your favourite political parties. Some even allow politicians to use their pulpit to disseminate their messages to the people, this is not acceptable. … Others have gone as far as campaigning for their political parties of choice. … Churches and mosques are meant for praying and not a campaign platform for politicians.”

Mr Ayariga said: “Worshippers use the house of the Lord to seek blessings, prayer, faith, peace, togetherness, hope, love, repentance and truth, but not votes. In the house of the Lord, there is no division, no party colours, and no posters. The beast called politics has the real potential of dragging [situations] to disarray and confusion. We are enjoying peace in Ghana and we want to continue to enjoy the peace.”

In his opinion: “Religious leaders should use the pulpit to preach the word truthfully without engaging in partisan politics. Failure to act on such immoral standards is a gamble that the churches and mosques cannot afford,” adding: “I wish to appeal to religious leaders in Ghana to please desist from giving prophecies. Please desist from giving prophecies in the public domain of who will win the 2016 general elections and rather concentrate on praying for this nation for peaceful


Source: classfmonline