Stop impregnating women abroad for papers – Shatta tells Samini


It looks like it’s the season of ‘beefs’ in Ghana music industry. In recent weeks, social media has been lit up with talk of the exchange between Sarkodie and M.anifest.

The two have gone at each other pretty hard – Manifest with #godMC and Sarkodie’s fast-paced comeback in #Kanta Not wanting to be shown up by their rap-aligned compatriots, dancehall artistes Samini and Shatta Wale, have reignited their long-standing rivalry.

In his cover of Beyonce’s Hold Up, titled Vextra, Samini goes to town, calling out Shatta Wale on his recent misunderstanding with VVIP over their recent Salah festival. “Ah me fi tell you coward ina front line.

I’m sure your fans them can relate to the punchline. See some actor ina military uniform. Them fake from roof down to the floor. Calm the hype for a minute cuz we seen before” Samini sang.

Twitter ‘fight’

The two artistes have had a go at each other on social media – once again, the platform for such exchanges. Apparently in response to Samini’s song, the ‘Dancehall King’ sent out a tweet acknowledging Samini’s song and mocked his rival, calling him ‘olu’ (Old man)


Source: citifmonline