Stop bribing the media – Nana Konadu to politicians


The Flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, has condemned politicians who have been silencing the media with bribes.

She thus charged politicians to stop bribing the media to keep them silent about issues that affect development.

Speaking on Radio Ghana last night [Tuesday], the former First Lady said, “…we [politicians] should also stop bribing everybody for them to keep quiet about issues that are happening. We are supposed to have a vibrant media,” Nana Konadu stated.

The NDP flagbearer, however, had some words for the media who she said was not doing enough to expose corruption in Ghana.

“If the media, in general, does not see anything wrong with what is happening in this country where we are deeply steeped in corruption and the country seems to be sinking and yet not much is being said.”

Government interference hampering fight against corruption

Nana Konadu also criticised government’s handling of institutions mandated to fight corruption noting that such institutions should have a significant degree of autonomy.

“No institutions that are going to deal with investigations looking after the countries interest should be submerged under political parties, where political parties win an election, and they come and change leaders of all the institutions and put their own leaders there.”

“It destroys institutions taking away that authority and strength to be able to critique a government and its leader for the right thing to be done.”

It is these problems that Nana Konadu said she hopes to address if she becomes president.

“I want to be able to bring sanity and accountability back into governance… to ask me why I want to be president; to correct the inadequacies in the system and change it for the better for the Ghanaian people.”


Source: citifmonline

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