Stop acknowledging demons in songs – Omane Acheampong


His songs and lyrics have stirred controversy in the industry and he is undoubtly described as one of Ghana’s finest traditional gospel music legends.

The singer, who has many hit songs to his credit, revealed that gospel artistes were fond of using certain words in their songs which virtually depicted that satan was being glorified.

Omane Acheampong said it was important that gospel artistes used their platforms to encourage their audience rather than rebuke demons in their music.

In a chat with The Spectator Agoro on Monday, in Accra, he said, “I don’t know what our cultural background is, I feel there is too much mentioning of satan in gospel songs”.

According to him, gospel artistes should rather use their music to encourage and inspire and teach people to appreciate life and the goodness of God, irrespective of what life throws at us,” he said.

Satan, he observed had no power and so he did not know about his relevance in gospel songs.

“I don’t sing about satan in my songs, I portray Jesus and preach what the bible says, due to the nature of my songs one has to be spiritual in order to understand them,” Omane Acheampong stated.

He urged gospel artistes to make the genre attractive by using inspiring lyrics in their songs, “we need to promote and focus on Jesus for people who don’t know him better to trust in him.”

Nicholas Omane Acheampong, who is currently promoting his latest hit, ‘Ananwoma’ said rebuking the devil in songs had become too much instead of spreading the word and praising God.

He said if artistes focused on appreciating the relevance of gospel music as a ministry and not just about singing, the trend would stop.

“Artistes must come out with songs which would leave memories in the minds of people,” he said.

The reigning Gospel Singer of the Year said, his inspiration comes easily through the direction of God and the word of God.

The gospel artiste, who released his first album at the age of 15, said his songs had an in-depth analysis and always left memories in the minds of people.

Recounting some instances in his life, Nicholas said music was all that he wanted to do when he was growing up as a child.

‘Ananwoma’ has nine tracks with songs like ‘Zaphenath Paneah’, Aposor, and Apagyapagya’and Mahashala’

‘Ananwoma’ portrays the weakness of man in the sense that no matter how hardworking man is, he relaxes during the night.

“God is supreme, he doesn’t sleep as compared to man, he watches over man,” he added.

The gospel singer urged his colleagues to also portray God in their video clips and not the other way round.

“How can a gospel artiste portray alcohol and other things in video clips,” he said adding that if you are preaching against alcohol, there is no need to portray such acts in the video.”


Source: Spectator