Spend Wisely, Save More: 10 Ways to Clothes Shop for Cheap!

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That the economy is taking a hit is no longer news: it’s affecting the price, size, quality and content of everything.

Today I bought a sausage roll that had no sausage in it – I guess the crunch has hit even our dear beloved ‘traffic’ lunch hard. Food prices are up, and what  is this now – even clothes too? It’s overwhelming and we really cannot do without most of these things, especially groceries and clothes.

We surely have to eat every day, and you go to buy rice only to hear dollar has gone up that’s why it’s at so-so-and-so price. Na wa.

I know some people would still love to change their wardrobes; we still need to look good right? So what do we do to thrive in the face of these difficulties? Well ladies, it’s time to get creative. Check out these 10 money-saving tips before heading out to shop:

1. Shop Your Closet:

Take stock of what you already have hiding out in your closets. Yup, those clothes you have probably folded at the bottom of your box needs to be dug out now. You might be surprised to find exactly what you’re looking for and discover other long-forgotten items in the process.

2. Set a Budget:

You can try putting yourself on a clothing allowance whereby you shop 4 times a year (every 3 months) versus monthly, because it can help keep you from buying too many unnecessary clothes you may not really need.

3. Write a List:

Go to the market or the malls with a mission and a plan. It’s fun to shop around for the latest styles, but if money is tight — keep it simple. Use your list to target your shopping, and you likely won’t succumb to impulse buying. If you need blouses, don’t go to the section where they sell jeans at Balogun!

4. Use Cash Only:

Online shopping and even paying at shops with POS can be a blessing and a curse. It may encourage you to spend more if you’re not physically counting out that cash. Instead, go out shopping with your clothing allowance in cash and leave the dangerous plastic at home.

5. Think Options:

Before you buy that new shirt or pair of trousers, take a mental check through your closet: would this item go with at least three to five items you already own? If the answer is no, put it back. Pieces that don’t match well with others aren’t worth the cash.

6. Mix and Match:

If you are choosing to buy something new that doesn’t go with what you already own, think mixing and matching with all the other items you plan to grab. If you stick with a relatively neutral color palette (like Black, Navy Blue, White, etc) it makes it easy to accomplish this goal.

7. Think Investment Pieces:

Particularly for work clothing, it’s important to invest in something that will last a long time and go with a variety of basics. Usually investment pieces are items you wear multiple times a week. For example, a good suit can carry you through years if it’s properly cared for and eventually prove less expensive than replacing a cheap one several times.

8. Swap With Friends:

You can get together with friends to have a clothing swap. You may have lying neglected at the bottom of your box, something someone else needs! And vice-versa. In the end, you get to take home some new, unused clothes without spending a kobo.

9. Wear Again:

Some people seem to shop for each and every event they attend. Try to avoid buying for a single wear, especially for occasions. The costs add up over time!

10. Shop Alone:

Shopping for clothes can be fun with friends. But if you need to save money, consider shopping alone. Blame it on the good vibes or peer pressure, but some people are much more likely to indulge in unnecessary purchases if they make shopping a social event versus a simple mission. What are your tips to save on clothing? Please share them with others in the comments!


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