Sparrow Production’s ‘V-Republic’ to premiere on Oct 31

Redefining the African ‘cinematic’ experience, multiple award-winning Ghanaian film Director, Shirley Frimpong Manso and her Sparrow Productions team is all set to premiere yet another TV series, V-Republic on SparrowStation.Com on October 31.

SparrowStation.Com is a Sparrow Station’s Video On Demand (VOD) platform, which was launched earlier this year but has been held back a little with updates; the platform is about to be revamped with great quality contents beginning with V-Republic following great productions.

The 26-episode series stars Award-winning actress, Joselyn Dumas (who plays Mansa Baiden); Nikki Samonas (Gina Moses); Christabel Ekeh (Laura Gaize) and Jasmine Baroudi (Tilly Walsh); V-Republic tells the story of these women, who are seeking different answers to their not so perfect lives.

Thrown together by events that create a convenient platform for bonds beyond their wildest dreams; they are each challenged in between issues including awkwardness, dreams struggles, fun, reality and their Men.

The release stated with the women starred in ‘V-Republic’, the series will be contemptuous which goes beyond all what movie enthusiasts have witness.

Hence, the much-anticipated TV series pushes the bar higher and tackles even tougher issues; perhaps, it would be safe to say, it is fresher; certainly, V-Republic is set to let loose.

Staying true to its high production quality, backed by many years of excellent experience in film-making; the fully packed suspense story, which sets off and maintains it’s fascinating and wild ingredient; the release further indicated, “Sparrow Productions will allow the first 2 episodes of V-Republic to be watched for free which is to say thank you to our audiences for their continuous support after which, they will have to purchase the remaining episodes.”

For movie audiences who absolutely hate addiction; Sparrow Production believes such enthusiastic would be in safe hands if stayed away from V-Republic, because the TV series depicts different doses of addictions which are capable of inducing you into aligning yourself or situation with one of the characters as they take the challenge to tackle some of the difficult questions which regularly hover our minds in reality.

Meanwhile, be a part of the Sparrow Production family by joining free via www.SparrowStation.Com in order to be alerted when V-Republic finally arrives as well as any of the great productions to follow.

Subscribers will receive a discount code when the series is released to be able to watch the episodes at discounted prices.

Sparrow Productions has produced such great films like ‘The Perfect Picture’, ‘Potomanto’, ‘Devil in the Detail’, ‘Love or Something Like That’ and the hit TV series, ‘Adams Apples’, among others.

Some behind the scene photos:

source : Ama Larbie


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