Sognayili Methodist School in distress over ripped roof


Pupils of the Sognayili Methodist School in the Sagnarigu District of the Northern Region have been exposed to the harsh conditions of the weather after the roof of their school building ripped off during a rainstorm.

The storm hit the area some months ago causing severe havoc to the school building but several appeals to authorities and non-governmental organisations to repair the buildings are yet to yield any results.

A visit to the school by Joy News showed how the children in primaries four to six had packed themselves in a small corner of their classrooms in order to escape the scorching sun rays with the temperatures, sometimes reading at 34 degree Celsius.

The head teacher of the school Hannah Woyori said because of the weather condition in the school some parents who can afford have withdrawn their wards to other schools whilst others have dropped out of school, a situation which has affected enrolment.

“The situation is dangerous. We are just managing. I have written several letters but am yet to get any response. When it rains I let them go home and when the sun is too hot around 12 noon, I let them go home,” she indicated.

She said the woes of the school continue to deepen as private developers have encroached on the school land, adding that people have turned the school into a drive way while others walk through the school compound during lessons, interrupting teaching and learning.

“Cars and people pass here. I have reported it to the authorities,” she said.



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