So let’s hear their Story


In 2006, just when my dad had been transferred to Accra, I contacted my friend Maame Serwah who happened to be my senior high mate to notify her of my move to Accra.

She was then in IPS now University of Professional studies.

Maame Serwah usually called me to visit her but on several occasions I refused to go until one Wednesday I decided to visit because I was bored at home.

Within the next 45mins I was at IPS and met her, she then took me to her hostel.

I was so hungry we decided to cook and just when we started, two gentlemen walked in and I honestly wasn’t comfortable because I used to be the shy type.

Surprisingly, one of them started cracking jokes and I couldn’t hold up any more and started laughing.

The other guy though who happens to be Edward kissi Asante stood there quietly and smiled and was very busy with his phone.

When they left I told Maame Serwah  that I believe the other guy is “2known” little did I know that though he was busy he was checking me out.

We dated for years and broke up in 2011 but we still kept in touch and he was always ready to listen to me when I had a problem.

He never forgot my birthday neither did I and we made sure to wished each other each until 2014 when I forgot to call him on his birthday but called the day after.

We spoke lengthily and just realised we were simply compatible therefore we got back together.

He surprised me on my birthday last year with a beautiful engagement ring and a year on here we are…



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