Sima Ibrahim died out of negligence – Inmate Confirms

An inmate at the Nsawam prison has confirmed the late Exopa CEO, Sima Ibrahim died out of negligence on the part of the prison officers.

The inmate who spoke on condition of anonymity said the late model offered to pay for an ambulance to take him to the hospital but the prison officers said there were no escorts.

“Sima was prepared to pay for an ambulance but the prison officers like always ignored him” he told Accra-based Oman FM on Tuesday.

The Exopa boss died last Friday at the Police Hospital after he got injured during a football game at the Nsawam Prison where he was serving a 15-year jail term.

Family of Mr. Ibrahim had earlier accused the Police Hospital and the Prison Service of negligence, an accusation the hospital denies.

The inmate has urged Sima’s family not to sweep the claim of negligence leveled against the prison official under the carpet.

“The morning before his death, instead of rushing him to the hospital, the prison officers said they are having a durbar” he added.

He said it is about time the prison officers are punished for the inhumane treatment they force down on inmates especially at the Nsawam prisons.

“Sima’s death would not be known if he was not a popular person. Prisoners die every day out of negligence and nothing is done about it” he bemoaned.

He indicated that inmates are only fed good food when visitors or a high ranking government official visits the prison.

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