SHS students caught smoking ‘Wee’

Marijuana-541x330Authorities of the Pong-Tamale Senior High School in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality of the Northern Region were astounded by  a first-year student of the school openly confessed he was a marijuana (wee) smoker.

According to the authorities, the student said he cultivated the habit of smoking prior to gaining admission into the school and that there was no way he could give up the habit, considering the fact that all members of his house, except his mother, were also wee smokers.

He therefore pleaded with the authorities of the school not to waste time in compelling him to stop the habit as such an intervention could not be sustained.The student and a pal were summoned before the school’s disciplinary committee after they were caught smoking at a nearby bush.

The open confession of the student, who is likely to be expelled according to sources, comes in the wake of attempts by the school authorities to deal with the increased spate of indiscipline among students on campus.

Headmaster of the school, Samson Jakpa, disclosed that his outfit could not allow indiscipline to continue and would therefore adopt all means possible to address the problem.

According to him, some of the students were said to be engaging in other forms of social vices, including stealing and truancy and promised to check all those negative behaviours.

The headmaster therefore urged parents to collaborate effectively with the school to instill discipline in the students to safeguard their future.

The school, which was established in 1991, has a current total student population of 1,260.

Though one of the challenged SHSs in the region, it is said to have made some significant progress academically.