SHS placements: ‘Protocol lists’ exist – Accra Aca headmaster

46844063The Headmaster of Accra Academy Senior High School, Mr. Samuel Ofori Adjei has admitted what several parents have claimed to be a “protocol list” regime, which gives preferential admission privileges to some students.

He told Joy FM’s Michaela Anderson that apart from students posted by the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), there are other students who gain entry through the “protocol” regime.

“Ideally what we call ‘protocol’ is supposed to be factored into the list that is brought to you,” he confirmed.

“We try as much as possible to get that done. I want to take this opportunity to tell the general public that if you think there should be protocol – and I think that request came as a result of certain bodies, which founded the schools, for instance, the religious bodies – if, for instance, you have a Catholic school and the bishop or the archbishop is making one or two requests, you cannot deny this,” he said.

Mr. Samuel Ofori Adjei, however, admonished that the protocol list practice should be added to the final list, which is given to the schools from the Ghana Education Service (GES) to prevent heads of institutions from exploiting the use of the protocol system.

“All these are factored into the 30 percent catchment area thing. So once that is done, then you save the heads because if it is left open, then it’s subject to abuse,” he said.


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