Shift focus from party manifestos to implementing dev’t plan – IEA

Jeane-Mensah-620x330-620x330The Institute of Economic Affairs Ghana (IEA) has commended the government for the establishment of the 40-year national development plan but has said it will only be sustainable if less focus to is given to implementing projects in party’s manifestos

The new development plan was launched by President Mahama last Tuesday in Accra and has been backed by several groups including the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

According to the IEA the issue of national development planning is a “crucial one” and was one of a number of recommendations made by the Institute in a report at the beginning of 2015.

They however, argue that similar plans have not been implemented successfully often because of discontinuity after government changes and greater focus on performing projects in the party manifestos

“Development plans have not yielded the required benefits as a nation because successive governments have, all too often, abandoned plans by previous governments,” a statement from the IEA said.

“In other cases governments have simply changed policy focus and relegated national plans to the background. It has become the norm for governments to focus on implementing party manifestos instead of the national development plan. ”

The Institute warned that the new plan could end up like other development plans if steps are not taken to ensure it is implemented successfully.

It suggested that the appointment of the head of the National Development Planning Committee should be made more non-partisan.

“The NDPC should be made  an independent and autonomous body charged with the responsibility of formulating and overseeing the implementation of a long term national development plan for Ghana.”

The IEA also called for the plan to be “entrenched in Ghana’s constitution” in order for it to be truly “binding on successive governments.”