Sexual violence on the rise in Ghana


Almost 1,300 girls in Ghana were defiled in 2014 while the recorded cases of rape increased from 290 in 2012 to 342 in 2014, that’s according to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit, DOVVSU.

Additionally, 19 percent of Ghanaian women aged 15-49 has experienced sexual violence.

Defilement also continues to be on the rise, accounting for around 66 percent of all sexual offences reported to DOVVSU.

As the World marked the 1st ever International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence, NGO Hope for the Future is also urging the government and the citizenry to safeguard the country’s peace.

Yaw Acheampong, a member of the NGO said the organization is issuing this caution as it has been proven that women and children tend to suffer more sexual violence in conflict situations.



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