Seven DPSI students to represent Tema in the National Spelling Bee

beeThe Delhi Public School International (DPSI), a world class international school in Tema has seven of its student being qualified to represent Tema at the national level of the Spelling Bee competition comes February next year.

The competition which was held in DPSI premises in Tema community 25 has seen 66 students from 10 schools participating in the Tema regional contest.

In all, 23 out of the 66 students were selected to represent Tema in the National Spelling Bee making DPSI the school with the highest number of pupils in the final squad.

Participants were taken through three tough rounds in the competition with a vocabulary test in the first round and oral spelling in the second and final round.

35 students qualified for the final round after the marks scored by each pupil from the 1st and 2nd round were compiled.

Explaining the objective of the contest, the Principal of DPSI, Mr. David Raj said, “The completion helps children to learn how to spell more words, to pronounce words and knowing the origin of the words and that helps the students to improve in speaking the English language.” It also helps the children to be bold and do away with fear whenever they came across huge gathering”, he underscored.

Mr. Raj also noted that participating in the spelling Bee has brought more recognition to his school and therefore encourages every school in Ghana to take part in the competition.

For DPSI, participation of parents and guardians in the development of the child is crucial, for that reason, parents who have their children participating were involved in the preparation of their kids.

Parents who shared their thoughts about the competition were impressed about the way children has improved in the pronunciations of words when communicating in the English Language.

Mrs. Mimi Ellis, a parent, said, “The competition has helped my child a lot and she now speaks the English language with boldness”.

To her, the school involving parents in preparation of the children has really helped them to know the correct pronunciations of words which they used to mention wrongly.

DPSI won 3 gold trophies and 27 medals at the World Scholar’s Cup recently in Malaysia. The school has won the National Spelling Bee competition for three consecutive years and recorded the highest performance at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in US.

They also received the outstanding school in Ghana award by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) for its holistic education and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Recently, the school recorded excellent results from students who passed the IGCSE examinations with flying colours.


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