Seek Money Before Fame – Obouba J.A. Adofo


Veteran musician, Obouba J.A. Adofo has cautioned young musicians in the country to look for money first in their careers rather than concentrating on popularity or fame.

Speaking to Showbiz in an interview last week, the veteran highlife musician popularly known as the Black Chinese said during their time, they cared more about fame than the financial aspect of the game and that is why most of them (old musicians) are suffering now.

“Yes fame is sweet but make money now. Forget about being famous because when you stop dong music, your fame will not pay the bills. Know that it is the money you were able to make in your heyday that will pay the bills,” he said.

Adofo further explained that, musicians should see their act as business where they earn money for their retirement. “We didn’t see our talent as our career or job. We saw it as pleasure and an avenue to be popular” he said.

“If you concentrate on becoming famous, you will retire and you will not have anything to your name and you will end up depending on the kind gestures of people” he added.

Obouba J.A. Adofo, known for his evergreen Akwaanobi hit is a very talented highlife artiste whose live performances always sold out.

He still performs but not frequently. “I still perform but not as before. I have slowed down to my age. I am not able to perform like I used to do some time ago,” he said


Source: GraphicOnline

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